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  Orthopaedic Surgery
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  On this site you can find an overview of the most common sporting injuries. For each injury there is a list of possible causes, symptoms and medical/physiotherapeutical treatments. This information is aimed at sportsmen, trainers, coaches and sport attendants. Especially the first aid could come in quite handy.
  This is a Belgian starting page with thousands of medical links. From medical search engines to first aid-tips, on this page you can find information on about everything one can possible suffer from, both serious conditions and ailments. What’s more, there is a section dedicated to alternative medicine. These links will guide you to sites that cover e.g. acupuncture.
  This site is, at least layoutwise, almost identical to the one above, but focuses on physiotherapy. It can help you out if you are looking for all kinds of information on possible injuries. Those who are interested in starting a career in physiotherapy, should definitely visit this site. Just follow the various links to schools in Belgium as well as Holland.
  Dr. B. Vanermen also works in Antwerp at the Orthopaedic Centre SPM. They are specialized in the treatment of all bone and joint problems. The members of the staff (including Dr. B. Vanermen), together with a team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, take care of your treatment. For practical information, please visit their site.
  This is the official site of Belgian orthopaedic societies like SORBCOT, BVOT, etc. The site looks rather clean, but functions well and is particularly useful for people who work in the medical sector. It keeps you informed of awards or fellowships granted on the basis of outstanding scientific papers.
SPM Orthopedie
Belgian Orthoweb
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
WorldOrtho - The Ultimate Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Website
Clinical Case Presentations (DuPont Institute)
Carleton University Sports Medicine Clinic
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Medscape Orthopaedics
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